Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recipe Style

Style is important for perusing recipes. Here's a couple of rules I'll try to follow for each recipe to make it easier to consistently present them. They will be added to or updated as necessary.

  • Ingredients will be grouped by step, particularly important for baking.
  • Units in ingredients lists will be tsp, tbsp, oz, g, cup, and fl oz--no plurals and never spelled out. In paragraph text, they will be spelled out even as units and pluralized as appropriate.
  • I'll try to avoid mixing units (all grams or all ounces, not both in the same recipe). My preference would be all metric, but that's not how cooking in the US works.
  • Additionally, I will scale up recipes as needed and include lowest unit (for example, I will write 1/4 cup in a doubled recipe if the original called for 2 tbsp).
  • Ingredients (both in lists and in paragraphs) will use numerals to indicate quantity.

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